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I’ll admit I’ve heard of Patreon for quite a while now but never really got around to starting. To be honest I was skeptical, but after listening to one of Chris Oatley’s Artcasts (link below), I felt really inspired to start it up, I guess it may or may not take off but no harm starting up one right?

I guess I can hear some of you going… “So what is it?”

Well, in summary Patreon is a ongoing Kickstarter Campaign that helps to fund and support artists/musicians/writers/animators/film/vloggers and other creative content creators. Its like a kickstarter but instead of a one-time funding it pays a “salary” to the creators for each release of their creative content, (or through a time period)

It has been my dream to one day be able to continuously work on my own stuff and if any of you guys out there like my art and maybe have like some spare change lying underneath your couch I would be grateful if you guys could support me.

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